Behind the Brand


Burnt Soul is a vibrant fashion label, inspired by colourful girls and guys using outfits to express
their personality. We strive to supply gorgeous souls all over the world with Lycra
that makes your inner Wild Child shine.

Robyn started Burnt Soul back in 2012 as she wanted a catsuit for herself that flattered a curvier figure. A Fashion Design Graduate from Bristol and,
at that point, a bespoke evening & wedding dress maker, she had experience with technical pattern cutting and knew how to manipulate panels of fabric to create something that would contour, lift and smooth were needed. The intention; to give the wearer ultimate confidence and a freedom they would never have expected whilst wearing head to toe spandex!

After slowly building the brand in her spare time, Robyn took the plunge and went full time in 2015. Shortly after Anna joined her (fresh from her degree) on a PR and Marketing internship. Her sparkly and energetic personality was just the thing Robyn needed to push the brand forward whilst she designed and made…. she knew she couldn’t let her go! So Anna joined full time and now heads up all of Burnt Soul’s marketing, PR & glittery shenanigans!


We’re so happy to be seeing a backlash against throw away fashion, with people caring more about the quality and ethics of their clothing than basing their purchase completely on cheapness. A lot of consideration goes into the design and production of our clothing. For instance, all of our production is UK based and made in smaller batches to allow us to react quickly to demands and not to over produce what’s not needed.

We use prints that allow for minimum wastage and any fabric wastage we do get goes to our local scrap store. We try to offer a mixture of stock prints from our suppliers as well as printing our own using designs Robyn has created or collaborations with other designers. This is why you will find a difference in price between the printed Lycra pieces as it costs more to produce our custom, exclusive prints. We’re eager to offer these original and exciting prints because we know they’re not like anything you see anywhere else.

When it comes to the fabric, we choose only the best! All of our prints are digitally printed onto branded Lycra Flexcite which offers vibrant colours, maximum stretch and excellent fabric memory to eliminate baggy knees and saggy boobs over time. When it comes to the sparkles and shine it can be a little trickier! Due to the way they’re manufactured, over time dulling and wear will occur. To make sure you get the most shine for the longest, we go for the best options available and in some cases do not to make them in styles that see the most wear and tear. For example, we only have one style of holographic disco leggings for a reason. We’ve tried and tested this particular fabric and have found that unlike a lot of shiny materials, it   can withstand a greater amount of wear than other foils. This is why we do not use our super special jewel fabric in leggings, swim or crop tops, because they are that bit more delicate.

To bring you items that are made of up to 16 contouring panels , in a range of different fabrics and styles, can be hard. Especially when we endeavour to offer you lasting products you’ll love at the best price we can whilst still sticking to our moral standpoints. But we love a challenge!!